Friday, April 25, 2014

Summer Term 2014 registration instruction

To register:
  1.     Pleasesend email to to reserve your spot.
  2.     fill out an application form (click here to download)  and mail back if you are paying with a check, or       email back to us if you are paying with PayPal.
  3.     You will receive a confirmation email from our staff for further instruction..
payment options:
  1. PayPal :
  2. Check: Mail in with your completed application form to 4850 Barranca Parkway, suite 201, Irvine CA 92604
  3. in person:  Schedule your visit to Kazone Art to pay in person
  4. Receipt: You will receive print out  version of receipt on your first day of class.
Thank you and let us know if you have any question.

Summer Term 2014 Schedule

Summer TERM 2014

Registration starts NOW

#101 4:00-7:00pm Illustration Portfolio Prep 2 [Valeria Kwon]
#112 7:00-10:00pm Environment Painting for Video Game/Film  [Charles Lee]
#111 7:00-10:00pm Graphic Design [Seung Lee] 

#103 7:00-10:00pm Instructed Figure Drawing [Danny v Ahe]
#104 7:00-10:00pm Uninstructed Figure Drawing $15 (Model Fee)  

#105 4:00-7:00pm Intro to Oil Painting [Danny v Ahe]   
#110 5:00-8:00pm Intro to digital media [Jeff Paulsrud ]

#106 5:00-8:00pm Visual Communication Sketch [Joe Rosario]

#108 4:00-7:00pm Illustration Portfolio Prep 1 [Valeria Kwon]
#110 7:00-10:00pm Sketch & Design for Entertainment [Jeff Paulsrud ]

#102 710:00-1:00pm  Character Design [Jason Kang]