Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Professional Course

Professional Course is for current working or soon to be artist to have a chance to learn and interact with renowned artist in real studio setting, chance to be trained by masters.

”Even at best talent remains a constant, and those who rely upon that gift alone, without developing further, peak quickly and soon fade to obscurity.” -- David Bayles and Ted Orland

It is our destiny that we can never stop learn and get inspire by other artist.

We will invite professionals who are actively working in their specialties and have them teach what they are best at with real studio setting.
Kazone will be the right place to be if you want to experience working directly with other artist who can teach you the tricks and their best mileage to take you to next level in your career.

Professional Class List
  • Entertainment Art & Design
  • Character/Creature Design
  • Environment Design
  • Environment Sketch
  • Visual Development for Animation
  • Fine Arts
  • Illustration
  • Graphic/Motion Design
Detail list of Schedule and Instructor will be followed

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