Monday, December 12, 2011

Spring Term starts now. RSVP for limited seats.

Enrollment Starts now for Spring Term 

Spring Term 01/21-03/30

#101  7:00-10:00pm Visual Development for Animation [Patrick Raines] $500

#104 7:30-10:30 Production and Matte Paintings for Entertainment [Mathias Verhasselt] $500

#111  7:30-10:30pm Fashion&Merchandise Design [Jessica Huang] $500

#102  7:30-10:30pm Instructed Figure Drawing [Charles Lee] $500
#103  7:30-10:30pm Instructed Figure Drawing [Uninstructed] $15-20 per session (Price depends on class size)
#107  4:00-7:00pm Figure Painting [Edgar Sylva] $500

#110 7:00-10:00pm Intro to Digital Media [Lim Hur] $500

#106 7:30-10:30pm Sketch & Design for Environment [Charles Lee] $500

#105 12:00-3:00pm Intro to Mech and Prop [Charles Lee] $500
#108 1:00-4:00pm Z Brush Sculpting for Video game/ Film [Joe Deangelis] $780
#109 3:00-6:00pm Graphic Design [Jun Kwak] $500
#112 9:00-11:00am Product/Transportation Design Portfolio Prep [Joseph W Choi] $500

Reserve your spot through and we will send you enrollment sheet and guide further for simple payment option.
You can also call at 949-825-5179 to reserve your spot.
Enrollment starts Now!
*RSVP highly recommended for limited seats.

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