Saturday, February 13, 2016

Tution & Attendance Policy for Kazone Art Academy

1)   Monthly tuition is due every 4 week.  Payments received after the due date will be assessed a $25 late fee for each late monthly installment.

2)   Students are expected to attend all classes.  Consistent attendance offers the most effective opportunity for students to understand concepts, materials and expectations of those courses in which they are enrolled. 
3)     It is policy of the Kazone Art Academy to excuse the absences of students for the  following reasons:

Student will not receive a credit for absences that do not fall into any of the categories outlined below 

• Illness or injury when the student is unable to attend class, student needs to obtain a doctor's note.

• Planned vacation/trip. Students requesting an excused absence must email to admin staff two weeks prior to the scheduled absence when known in advance.

(1) Unexcused absence allowed per month.

Three (3) unexcused tardies  will be considered as (1) unexcused absence.

Payment method:
Student can submit monthly tuition following method:
  • Check: Make payable to "Kazone art", be sure to state full student name on "memo". Place your check in an envelop (provided) and state any necessarily memo and insert your envelop into black deposit box.
  • Cash:  Place your check in an envelop (provided) and state student full name and any necessarily memo. Insert your envelop into black deposit box.
  • Credit Card: Only available for paypal account holder, send your invoice inquiry to none- paypal account holder will be responsible for transaction fee.

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